Going Downtown with Shauna


Have you spent any time in Downtown Nanaimo lately?  The reason I ask is because I officially moved to Nanaimo in 2020 after attending a year of high school here way back in 1997, then visiting family here for years and falling in love with this space.

Hi, my name is Shauna Arnott and I want to quickly introduce myself.  I am the Engagement Coordinator for the Downtown Nanaimo Business Association.  I’m also a business owner and entrepreneur with a history of business building.  I am excited to jump into this role and share upcoming news and events about what is happening in Downtown Nanaimo through this blog series, titled ‘Going Downtown with Shauna’

When I came back here in 2020, I didn’t spend much time downtown mostly due to the pandemic restrictions.  However, last summer I started to revisit quite a bit.  I love the locally owned restaurants, quaint shops, cool fashion, and local artisans. The whole vibe is just awesome.

Now, it’s my job to help spread the word through engagement with the broader business community – with partners like Tourism Nanaimo, Nanaimo Hospitality Association, City of Nanaimo, and the Nanaimo Port Authority. This year I have been so happy to see the streets busy, the patios full and the businesses growing.  Life in our downtown is vibrant and I am excited for the future of all our downtown economy. 

The power of a strong downtown core is a great indicator of a strong local economy.  As a recent transplant with some roots here I am thrilled by the obvious growth and future potential and can’t wait to bring news and awareness through this blog series to all of you.  Stay tuned each month for information on upcoming events and initiatives. 

Here is what is happening this coming week

Nanaimo Night Market

This market is an incredible place to come and meet friends and family on a Thursday night, spend some time outside, listening to music, shopping from local businesses, eating great food and having fun.  Please join the fun every Thursday night from 5pm to 9pm, all summer.

Corner Concert Series

This fun concert series is happening every Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm on downtown street corners – start looking at the Diana Krall main stage.

World-Famous Bathtub Race Weekend

This fun filled event is July 22nd to 24th  and it’s always a great event with so many fun things to see and do.  They have a great website for you to check out and learn all the ways you can get involved.  Find all the information here https://www.bathtubbing.com

In the coming weeks I’ll provide information on events hosted by businesses in Downtown Nanaimo as well as a few other happenings.  If you want to know more about what is being done to build community in Downtown Nanaimo, please email us at info@downtownnanaimo.ca

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See you Downtown!

Shauna Arnott, DNBA